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Initially our group started out as a group of local (SW Louisiana) firefighters who were motivated by fitness and staying "Fit for Duty".  We traveled around the US and competed in The Firefighter Combat Challenge in which ESPN named "The Toughest 2 Minutes in Sport".  One of our fellow competitors and friend contracted cancer.  She was a single mom with 2 teenage children.  We gathered our firefighter friends and started raising money for a scholarship fund for her children after she passed away.  This fueled our passion and our broader mission: What are the things that are endangering/affecting our first responders, what happens to their families when their financial supporter can no longer support them, what training can we provide and what can we do in our own community to help those struggling even if they are not a first responder. 

Read more about our mission and vision below.


We believe that we were all put on Earth to help and to serve others. What a wonderful feeling it is to be someone's light in their darkest days.

Our Mission

Our Mission

Our efforts now include a scholarship fund, help for connecting first responders with resources for cancer and suicide, Emergency Responder Appreciation Events, First Responder Physical Fitness Events, fundraisers for affected families, training and a First Responder Camp for high school girls coming soon.


Our Vision

First Responders have a resource to guide them with their needs, that they are recognized for the life critical job that they perform every day, and they have the tools to be Fit for Duty while we also serve in our own community.

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