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Helpful Resources

More First Responders die of suicide than in the line of duty each year.  PTSD has now been recognized in these professions and more education and acceptance is now available without embarrassment. 

988 is a dedicated line to suicide and crisis

You can call or text 988 anytime


Next Rung - Peer Support

Provides quality resources that will help combat mental health issues that plague the firefighter profession. 

text SUPPORT to 1-833-698-7864


Firefighter occupational cancer is the leading cause of line-of-duty deaths in the fire service.

1-866-994-3276 - US

438-600-3276 - Canada

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Louisiana Resource for CANCER

An organization that works to help anyone with any form of cancer within Louisiana.



The Firefighter Challenge is a competition to show the rigors of the everyday firefighter job. Firefighters from all over the World compete for the title of World's Toughest Firefighter. Competitors can race individually or as a team to race the clock through an obstacle course of events. There are levels from rookie to elite.

This competition is not just about sports.  It is run by the First Responder Institute and is also a non-profit that raises funds for non-profits in the communities that the competitions are held. The staff and the competitors alike are some of the most supportive people that we have encountered. The people and website (new webpage mid 2023) are also a great source of information on training, nutrition and work-related issues.

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